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PROVA - minismposio
Daniela Mansutti


Mathematical Modeling of Oncological Data - A Multi-scale Perspective
Michele Piana
Pattern in Turbulent Convection: the Evergreen Rayleigh-Bénard Problem
Antonello Provenzale, Jost von Hardenberg
Forecasting Damage and Consolidation: Mathematical Models of Reacting Flows in Monumental Stones
Roberto Natalini
Rise and fall of popularity on social media
Andrea Tosin
Prova sottomissione
Paolo Rughetti
Arbitrarily High Order Finite Element Methods for Arbitrarily Shaped Domains with Automatic Mesh Generation
Zhiming Chen
Modeling Traffic Jam and Growth Process of Neurons Using IGA and PGNN
Jessica Zhang
Approximation of Non Linear Hyperbolic Problems and Property of Conservation
Remì Abgrall


A Deep Neural Network Discontinuous Galerkin method for solving PDEs involving discontinuities
David Pardo, Angel J. Omella, Magdalena Strugaru, Ignacio Muga
A Meshless Approach for Generalized Finite Difference Schemes
Gerardo Tinoco-Guerrero, Francisco Javier Domínguez-Mota, José Alberto Guzmán-Torres, Ricardo Román-Gutiérrez, José Gerardo Tinoco-Ruiz
Numerical method for solving system of Cauchy singular integral equations of index zero
Abhishek Yadav, Amit Setia, Ravi P. Agarwal
On a Solow model with spatial diffusion and technology-induced motility
Antonio Vargas, Nicolás Ureña
Equation-Oriented Process Simulation: The Simultaneous Flash
Mark Lazman
Simulating how Climate Change Affects Cultural Heritage Deterioration
Gabriella Bretti, Maurizio Ceseri
Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Strategic Bidding in the Electricity Market
Francesco Morri, Hélène Le Cadre, Luce Brotcorne, Pierre Gruet
Radial Basis Function Interpolation for Child's Hand X-ray Image Processing
Jakub Krzysztof Grabski
Steady-state Density Preserving Method for Second-order Stochastic Differential Equations
Hugo A. de la Cruz
Response Function for Linearized Saint-Venant Equations with Uniformly Distributed Lateral Inflow
Swaroop Nandan Bora, Shiva Kandpal
An Analysis of Boundary Perturbations in Laplace-Steklov Eigenvalue Problems
Eylem Bahadır, Önder Türk
Development of Almost Unbiased Modified Ratio Estimators for Population Mean Using Unknown Population Parameter(s)
Chika Obianuju Mmaduakor
Global Existence and Blow up of Solutions for Pseudo-parabolic Equations with Singular Potential
Runzhang Xu
Mathematical Models on Brain Networks for the Progression of AD
Veronica Tora
Multi-objective Optimization of the Appendages of a Sailing Yacht Using the Normal Boundary Intersection Method
Daniele Peri
An Algebraic Technique for Determining the Maximal Cliques in a Graph
Bhaba Kumar Sarma, Gete Umbrey, Murali Krishna Enduri
Piecewise-analytical, Finite-volume Methods for Nonlinear Evolution Equations
Juan I. Ramos, Carmen María García-López
Numerical Solutions of the Velocity–Vorticity Formulation of the Navier–Stokes Equations by Using the Localized Ghost Point Method
Chiung-Lin Chu, Chia-Ming Fan
Numerical Simulation of 3D Vorticity Dynamics with the Diffused Vortex Hydrodynamics Method
Danilo Durante, Salvatore Marrone, Dirk Brommel, Robert Speck, Andrea Colagrossi
The Qualitative Behavior for One-dimensional Sixth-order Boussinesq Equation with Logarithmic Nonlinearity
Zhuang Han
Improved Growth Estimate of Infinite Time Blowup Solution for a Semilinear Hyperbolic Equation with Logarithmic Nonlinearity
Jiangbo Han
Global Well-Posedness for a Class of Semilinear Hyperbolic Equations with Singular Potentials on Manifolds with Conical Singularities
Chao Yang
Impact of Nonlocal Piezoelectricity on Propagation of Torsional Wave in Piezoelectric Fiber-Reinforced Composite
Subrata Mondal, Sudarshan Dhua
Deep Image Prior Based Segmentation for Noisy Images
Ambra Catozzi, Alessandro Benfenati, Giorgia Franchini, Federica Porta
Solution of Fuzzy-fractional Allen-Cahn Equations Using a Robust Numerical Approach
Ramakanta Meher, Parthkumar P. Sartanpara, Ajay Kumar
Numerical Study of Non-linear Time Fractional Model of HIV/AIDS Transmission
Vishalkumar J Prajapati, Ramakanta Meher
Application of a Haar wavelet based numerical method to a moving obstacle avoidance problem for unmanned aerial vehicles
Saurabh R. Madankar, Amit Setia, Muniyasamy M., Ravi P. Agarwal
Analysing the Well-posedness of Networked first-order Hyperbolic Systems of Fluid Flow
Mapundi Kondwani Banda
On some Oscillatory Properties of Finite Difference Methods for One-Dimensional Nonlinear Parabolic Problems
Róbert Horváth
Numerical solutions of three-dimensional elliptic partial differential equations by the method of fundamental solutions and the particle swarm optimization
Chia-Ming Fan, Fu-Li Chang, Chiung-Lin Chu
Numerical approximations for some fractional stochastic partial differential equations-cases of nonlinear heat and Burgers equations
Zineb ARAB, Latifa DEBBI
Surface Effect on Lamb Wave Propagation in a Nonlocal Piezo-Electric and Piezo-Magnetic Bi-material Plate
Arpita Maji, Sudarshan Dhua
High order compact ADI scheme for two dimensional non-linear reaction subdiffusion equation
Deeksha Singh, Rajesh K. Pandey
Surface Effects on Propagation of Shear Horizontal Waves on Nonlocal PE-PM Bilayer Structure with an Imperfect interface
Sudarshan Dhua, Subrata Mondal
Optimal Upgrade Policy Model for Used Product Leased with Lemon Law
Hennie Husniah, Andi Cakravastia A.R., Asep K. Spriatna, Bermawi P. Iskandar
Localized Nonsingular Method of Fundamental Solutions for Two-dimensional Laplace Problems
Qingguo Liu, Zhuojia Fu, Shengnan Liu, Bozidar Sarles


Observer-based Dissipativity of Parabolic Systems with Multiple Actuators and Time Delays
Ragul Ravi, Kalidass Mathiyalagan, Ju H. Park
Approximating inter-arrival distribution by phase type distribution. Asymmetric kernel method
Yasmina Djabali
Randomized GSVD based regularization for the inverse problem of ultrasound tomography
Anita Carević, Mohamed Almekkawy

Mathematical and Computational Methods for Migration, Aggregation and Interaction of Cell Populations

Large-scale Dynamics of Self-propelled Particles Moving through Obstacles: How Environment Affects Particle Swarms
Diane Peurichard
Modelling Cell Migration: a Hybrid Approach for Cancer-on-chip Experiment
Marta Menci
Dynamics of Circulating Tumor Cells in Blood Vessels: Mathematical Modeling and Data Assimilation
Giorgia Ciavolella, Julien Granet, Jacky Goetz, Nael Osmani, Annabelle Collin, Christèle Etchegaray
GPU Parallel Numerical Simulations of the Gatenby-Gawlinski Model with Anisotropic, Heterogeneous Acid Diffusion
Donato Pera, Mascia Corrado, Chiara Simeoni
Kinetic models for cell migration in the microenvironment: from the microscopic to the macroscopic scale
Nadia Loy, Martina Conte

Multivariate Approximation: Numerical Methods and Applications

A Collocation Method for the Space-time Fractional Diffusion Problem
Chiara Sorgentone, Francesca Pitolli, Enza Pellegrino
Simple Strategies for Approximating Scattered Data and Functions
Stefano De Marchi
Deep Mapping Techniques for Solving Time-Fractional PDEs Containing Crack and/or Corner Singularities
Hyunju Kim, Jeonseo Lee, Taehyung Kim, Bongsoo Jang
Bivariate spline quasi-interpolants on criss-cross triangulations for the approximation of piecewise smooth functions
Francesc Aràndiga, Paola Lamberti, Sara Remogna
Multilevel and Progressive Iterative Methods for Approximation and Numerical Integration
Elena Fornaca, Paola Lamberti
MultiComponent Signals Interference Detection Exploiting HP-splines Frequency Parameter
Vittoria Bruni, Rosanna Campagna, Domenico Vitulano
On the numerical solution of some elliptic PDEs with Neumann boundary conditions through multinode Shepard method
Francesco Dell'Accio, Filomena Di Tommaso, Elisa Francomano
Time-frequency interpolation of wavelet scattering coefficients for signal classification
Vittoria Bruni, Francesca Pelosi, Domenico Vitulano
Nonlinear quartic quasi-interpolanting splines to approximate piecewise smooth functions
Francesc Arandiga, Paola Lamberti, Sara Remogna
Predictive Modeling of Soil Microbiota Growth Using PINN
Salvatore Cuomo, Mariapia De Rosa, Alessandro Bottino, Annachiara Ruggeri, Dea M. L. Mango, Roberta Pace, Vincenzo Schiano Di Cola

Graphical Models for Life Science

Random GraphicalModel of Microbiome Interactions in RelatedEnvironments
Veronica Vinciotti, Ernst Wit, Francisco Richter
Structure Learning of Graphical Models for Count Data, with Applications to Single-cell RNA Sequencing
Thi Kim Hue Nguyen, Koen Van Den Berge, Monica Chiogna, Davide Risso
Empowering Propensity Score Estimation through a Bayesian Network approach
Paola Vicard, Federica Cugnata, Paola M.V. Rancoita, Pier Luigi Conti, Alberto Briganti, Clelia Di Serio, Fulvia Mecatti
Valid and Exact Two-sample Permutation Tests for Network Data
Cesare Miglioli, Stéphane Guerrier, Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser
Structure Learning of Coloured Gaussian Graphical Models for Paired Data
Alberto Roverato, Saverio Ranciati

Modeling, Design Optimization and Control in Smart Grids

Modeling, Optimization and Management Strategies for a Microgrid with Integrated Thermal Energy Storage
Paolo D'Angelo, Fulvio Bassetti, Antonio Scafuri, Walter Zamboni
Sizing of Storage under Uncertainty
Xin Wen, Dhaker Abbes, Bruno Francois
Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain for Decentralized Energy Management in an Energy Community of Smart Buildings
Amira Dhorbani, Dhaker Abbes, Kahina Hassam, benoit Robyns
Optimizing Electric Bus Charging: Dynamic Tariffs in a Bi-level Framework Considering Weather Conditions and Energy Storage
Jônatas Augusto Manzolli, João Pedro Trovão, Carlos Henggeler Antunes
Standby Thermal Management Methods and Hybrid Configuration for a Large Scale Vanadium Flow Battery
Andrea Trovò, Giacomo Marini, Jianyu Zhang, Walter Zamboni, Massimo Guarnieri
Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Strategic Bidding in the Electricity Market
Francesco Morri, Hélène Le Cadre, Luce Brotcorne, Pierre Gruet
Machine Learning Algorithms Applied to Smart Buildings with High Penetration of Electric Vehicles
Joao Soares, Thiago Cesar Rosa, Sergio Ramos, Bruno Canizes, Zita Vale
Coalitional Game-Based Gain Generation and Distribution for Collective Self-Consumption in an Energy Community
Adrien Bossu, Benoit Durillon, Arnaud Davigny, Herve Barry, Sabine Kazmierczak, Christophe Saudemont, Fateh Belaid, Benoît Robyns
Multi-Objective Model for Residential Energy Management in Context of Renewable Communities
Sergio Ramos, Luis Roque, Joao Soares, Antonio Gomes, José Calvo Rolle, Zita Vale
A Cooperative Distributed Droop Gains Adjustment in DC Microgrid
Youssef Alidrissi, Houda El Ouadoud, Serge Pierfederici, Matthieu Urbain, Radouane Ouladsine, Mohamed Bakhouya
Frequency Response of a 15 MW Offshore Wind Turbine for Low Frequency Stability Analysis
Gala Navarro-Martinez, Jaime Martinez-Turegano, Ramon Blasco-Gimenez
Aerodynamic models for wind turbines that contribute to grid frequency control
Pau Martinez-Ortuno, Nestor Aparicio
Exploration and optimisation of voltages patterns provided by a Multi-Active-Bridge with n ports
Ismael Chirino Aguinaga, Nicolas Patin, Vincent Lanfranchi, Patrice Gomez, Jeanne-Marie Dalbavie
Pitch control design for black-start operation of a 15MW offshore wind turbine
Gala Navarro-Martinez, Jaime Martinez-Turegano, Ramon Blasco-Gimenez
Short-term Electricity Price Forecasting through Demand and Renewable Generation Prediction
Enrique Belenguer, Jorge Segarra-Tamarit, Emilio Pérez, Ricardo Vidal
Analysis of non-uniform grid-forming control techniques for the HVDC connection of renewable energy
Patricia Penades-Huesca, Adrian Beneit-Barajas, Jaime Martinez-Turegano, Ramon Blasco-Gimenez

Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of Porous Media in Subsurface Environments

Numerical Simulation of a Compressible Gas Flow in Porous Media and Bioremediation
Filippo Notarnicola
A Macroscopic Model for Unsaturated Flow in Deformable Evolving Porous Media
Matteo Icardi
A Preliminary Model for Optimal Control of Moisture Content in Unsaturated Soils
Marco Berardi, Fabio Vito Difonzo, Roberto Guglielmi
Understanding the Effects of Irrigation with Different Treatment Reused Waters: a Machine Learning Approach
Nicoletta Del Buono
Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Fractional Models in Porous Media
Alessandra Jannelli, Maria Paola Speciale
FLOWS: A Physically-Based Model to Simulate Water Flow and Solute Transport in the soil
Antonio Coppola, Angelo Basile, Alessandro Comegna, Shawkat Basel Mostafa Hassan
Stabilized Explicit Methods for the Solution of a Vegetation Model
Giovanni Pagano, Dajana Conte, Severiano González-Pinto, Domingo Hernández-Abreu, Beatrice Paternoster, María Soledad Pérez-Rodríguez
A novel reduced-order model for advection-dominated problems based on Radon-Cumulative-Distribution Transform
Tobias Long, Robert Barnett, Richard Jefferson-Loveday, Giovanni Stabile, Matteo Icardi

MMSEP: Modelling, Methods and Simulations for Environmental Problems

Retrieval of Surface and Atmospheric Parameters from High Resolution Infrared Sensors
Italia De Feis, Fabio Della Rocca, Guido Masiello, Carmine Serio
The RothC Model: a Simple Tool for Simulating Soil Organic Carbon Dynamic
Fasma Diele, Carmela Marangi
Building a Realistic Simulation of the Atmospheric State in Radiative Transfer
Luca Sgheri, Cristina Sgattoni, Chiara Zugarini
On-off Intermittency in the Beddington-Free-Lawton Model
Angela Monti
FORUM Sensitivity to Surface Emissivity
Cristina Sgattoni, Marco Ridolfi, Luca Sgheri, Chiara Zugarini
Numerical Rock-Glacier Flow via the Pressure Method
Elishan Christian Braun, Daniela Mansutti, Kumbakonam R. Rajagopal
From Micro to Macro in the Physics and Ecology of Sea Ice
Kenneth Morgan Golden
Investigating spatial patterns in a model describing three-species interactions
Maria Francesca Carfora, Isabella Torcicollo
Modelling sea ice and melt ponds evolution: sensitivity to microscale heat transfer mechanisms
Andrea Scagliarini, Enrico Calzavarini, Daniela Mansutti, Federico Toschi
2D model for seismic wave propagation in complex fractured domains
Federica Di Michele, Pierangelo Marcati, Donato Pera, Bruno Rubino, Andriy Styahar
Pattern Formation Driven by Cross-diffusion in the Klausmeier-Gray-Scott Model
Giuseppe Alì, Carmelo Scuro, Isabella Torcicollo
Modelling Horizontal Gene Transfer of Plasmid-borne Resistance in Biofilms
Maria Rosaria Mattei, Julien Vincent, Alberto Tenore, Luigi Frunzo
Multiscale modelling of soil bioremediation by multispecies biofilm
Luigi Frunzo, Maria Rosaria Mattei, Ahmed Fathi

Computer Simulations in Digital Twins Technology

Digital Twin Technology in Maritime: MAAP Initiatives
Angelica Morales Baylon
Digital Twins Technology: Current Status and Future Directions
Bharat K. Soni
Digital Twin Technology in Civil Engineering: Corrosion-Damage Detection on Concrete Structures
José A. Guzmán-Torres, Francisco J. Domínguez-Mota, Gerardo Tinoco-Guerrero, José G. Tinoco-Ruíz, Wilfrido Martínez-Molina
Development of Wind Tunnel Digital Twin Using Data Assimilation
Kyosuke Nomoto, Shigeru Obayashi
Application of Laplace Transform to Cryptography Using Linear Combination of Functions
Emmanuel O. Adeyefa, David O Agbolade
AI-assisted Dental Restorations
Francois Guibault, Golriz Hosseinimanesh, Imane Chafi, Ammar Alsheghri, Ying Zhang, Julia Keren, Farnoosh Ghadiri, Farida Cheriet
Non-Destructive Testing of 3D-Printed Parts Using Elastic Registration of Meshes in the X-ray Projection Domain
Julien Dompierre, Francois Guibault, Catherine Desrosiers, Nicolas Piche, Vladimir Brailovski, Farida Cheriet

Numerical Methods for Fractional-derivative Differential Equations

A Computational Approach for Variable-order Fractional Differential Equations
Roberto Garrappa, Andrea Giusti
Numerical Approximation of a Differential Equation with a Riemann-Liouville-Caputo Fractional Derivative
Jose Luis Gracia, Martin Stynes
Optimal Long-time Decay Rate of Solutions of Complete Monotonicity-preserving Schemes for Nonlinear Time-fractional Evolutionary Equations
Martin Stynes, Dongling Wang
Two Kinds of Numerical Algorithms for Ultra-slow Diffusion Equations
Min Cai, Changpin Li, Yu Wang
An Efficient Computational Technique for 2D Time-Fractional Diffusion Problem
Natesan Srinivasan, Sandip Maji
A Rational Preconditioner for Multi-dimensional Riesz Fractional Diffusion Equations
Lidia Aceto, Mariarosa Mazza
Fast Second-order Numerical Method for Variable-order Caputo Fractional Differential Equations
Junseo Lee, Bongsoo Jang
A Method-of-lines Approach for Space-fractional Nonlinear PDEs
Paul Andries Zegeling
Efficient Computational Techniques for Solving Time-fractional Convection Diffusion Reaction Equations with Variable Coefficient Untitled
Subham Patel, Ankur Kanaujiya
Numerical Solution of Random Fractional Laguerre-type Differential Equations via Moments and Density
Clara Burgos Simón, Juan Carlos Cortés López, Laura Villafuerte Altúzar, Rafael J. Vilanueva Micó
A stabilizer-free weak Galerkin finite element method for the distributed order time-fractional diffusion equation Untitled
suayip Toprakseven, Natesan Srinivasan
Nonuniform Time-stepping Approximation Methods to Solve the Two-dimensional Time-fractional Diffusion-wave Equation Untitled
Sarita Kumari, Rajesh K. Pandey

Recent Trends in Numerical Methods for Evolutionary Problems

A General Framework of Implicit High-order Schemes for Hyperbolic Systems
Gabriella Puppo, Matteo Semplice, Giuseppe Visconti
Numerical Analysis and Simulation for Two-phase Incompressibile Flows
Xiaoli Li
Conservative and Efficient Numerical Simulation for Time-Fractional Diffusion Problems
Angelamaria Cardone, Gianluca Frasca-Caccia, Beatrice Paternoster
Multiscale Constitutive Framework of Blood Flow: Modeling and Numerics
Giulia Bertaglia, Lorenzo Pareschi
Structure Preserving Schemes for the Allen-Cahn Type Equations
Yongyong Cai
Unconditionally Positive and Conservative Modified Patankar Linear Multistep Methods
Giuseppe Izzo, Eleonora Messina, Mario Pezzella, Antonia Vecchio
Non Standard Methods for Volterra Integral Equations: a Case Study in Mathematical Epidemiology
Bruno Buonomo, Eleonora Messina, Claudia Panico, Antonia Vecchio
Explicit Runge-Kutta Schemes with Weak Stage Order and an Optimal Number of Stages
David Shirokoff, Abhijit Biswas, David Ketcheson, Steven Roberts, Benjamin Seibold
New Highly Stiff-stable Schemes for Linear and Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
Fukeng Huang, Jie Shen
An Energetic Spectral Element in Time Method for Nonlinear Gradient Systems
Shiqin Liu, Haijun Yu
An Asymptotic Preserving, Parallel Class of Time Discretizations for Singularly Perturbed Equations
Jochen Schuetz, Arjun Thenery Manikantan
Approximation of high-order PDEs by hyperbolic systems
David I. Ketcheson
Numerical Preservation of Monotonicity and Positivity of Time-stepping Methods
Inmaculada Higueras, Teo Roldan

Nonlinear Dynamics for Economics, Finance and Social Sciences

A Discontinuous Model of Exchange Rate Dynamics with Sentiment Traders
Giovanni Campisi, Anastasiia Panchuk, Fabio Tramontana
Dynamics of a Two-class Growth Model with Optimal Saving and Switch in Behavior
Iryna Sushko, Pasquale Commendatore, Ingrid Kubin
Border Collision Bifurcations in a Piecewise Linear Duopoly Model
Laura Gardini, Davide Radi
On the Statistical Significance of Quantile Connectedness Indexes
Bonaccolto Giovanni, Massimiliano Caporin, Jawad Syed Shahzad
Waveform Dictionaries and Gabor/wavelet Expansions in Finance
Pierluigi Vellucci

Modeling Human Perception of Visual Information

Regular Shapes on Surfaces: Angles, Lengths, and How They Are Perceived
Claudio Mancinelli, Enrico Puppo
Advances in a Quantum Information-based Color Perception Theory
Edoardo Provenzi
Application of Fractional Derivatives in Image Quality Assessment Indices
Mariusz Frackiewicz, Henryk Palus
A Perception-guided CNN for Grape Bunch Detection
Vittoria Bruni, Giulia Dominijanni, Domenico Vitulano, Giuliana Ramella
An Image Segmentation Approach for Space Syntax and Urban Mobility
Alfonso Annunziata, Federico Romaniello
Hierarchical Segmentation of Cell Compartments in Electron Microscope Images
Artur Bal, Marek Michalski, Łukasz Mielańczyk
Contrast-based Image Enhancement for Source Camera Identification
Vittoria Bruni, Giuseppina Monteverde, Domenico Vitulano, Silvia Marconi

Recent Advances in Data Science. Computational Aspects and Applications

Robust Estimation and Testing for Step-stress Experiments under Interval Censoring
Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, María Jaenada, Leandro Pardo
Wavelet-based Sparse Optimization via Fixed-point Iteration Scheme in High-dimensional Data Analysis
Marc Vidal, Ana M. Aguilera
Function-on-function PLS regression: a penalized approach
M. Carmen Aguilera-Morillo, Harold A. Hernandez-Roig, Ana M. Aguilera, Cristian Preda
How to Model a Complex System Subject to Multiple Events and a Vacation Policy in a Matrix-computational Form. MMAPs
Juan Eloy Ruiz-Castro, Hugo Alaín Zapata-Ceballos
A Spatial Functional Regression Approach from Correlated Curves in Space
Felicita Doris Miranda Huaynalaya, Maria Dolores Ruiz Medina

New Trends in Phase Field: Theory and Applications

A unified design of nonuniform energy stable schemes for time fractional gradient flows and nonlinear integro-differential equations
Ren-jun Qi, Xuan Zhao
Gradient flow models: modeling and numerical methods
Chuanju Xu
Nonlocal Cahn-Hilliard type Model for Image Inpainting
Mejdi Azaiez
Numerical modelling and optimization for Thermal Energy Storage
A diffuse domain method for solving PDEs in complex geometries
Zhenlin Guo
On operator splitting methods for phase-field equations
Chaoyu Quan
Monte Carlo fPINNs: Deep learning method for forward and inverse problems involving high dimensional fractional partial dierential equations
Ling Guo

Using Block Methods for Solving Differential Problems

An Optimized Algorithm for Numerical Solution of Coupled Burgers Equations
Anurag Kaur, V. Kanwar, Higinio Ramos
Block $\theta$-methods for DAEs and DDAEs
Xiaotong Li, Zhongli Liu, Haiyan Yuan, Hongjiong Tian
The Semi-implicit EM Method for Nonlinear Non-autonomous SDEs Driven by a Class of L\'evy Processes
Xiaotong Li, Wei Liu, Hongjiong Tian
A New Block Method for Direct Integration of Third-order BVPs
Mufutau Ajani Rufai, Bruno Carpentieri, Higinio Ramos
Adaptive stepsize optimized three-step hybrid block method for first-order initial value problems
Aderogba Adebayo, Higinio Ramos
Development of Hermite-Based Eight-Step Elliptic-Type PDEs Direct Integrator
Emmanuel O. Adeyefa

Recent Advances on Numerical Methods for Functional Equations and Applications

Enrichment Strategies of the Bernardi Raugel Finite Element
Francesco Dell'Accio, Filomena Di Tommaso, Allal Guessab, Federico Nudo
Filtered Integration Rules for the Hilbert Transform on $(0,+\infty)$
Donatella Occorsio, Woula Themistoclakis
Numerical Model for Data Railway Fusion: diagnostic applications
Salvatore Cuomo, Mariapia De Rosa, Aurelio Mannara, Giuseppina Mastellone, Francesco Piccialli
A Nyström method for Hammerstein integral equations on a closed interval
Luisa Fermo, Anna Lucia Laguardia, Concetta Laurita, Maria Grazia Russo
On Solving Some CSIE by de la Vallée Poussin Filtered Approximation
Maria Grazia Russo, Donatella Occorsio, Woula Themistoclakis
A Method for the Approximation of Hadamard Transforms on [-1,1]
Domenico Mezzanotte, Donatella Occorsio
Generalized-Hypergeometric Solutions in the Context of Heun Equations
Clemente Cesarano
Adapted numerical methods for reaction-diffusion problems
Dajana Conte, Gianluca Frasca Caccia, Giovanni Pagano, Beatrice Paternoster, Carmine Valentino
On the Stability of Recurrence Relations Arising in Orthogonal Polynomials Frameworks
Teresa Laudadio, Nicola Mastronardi, Paul Van Dooren
On Computing Modified Moments for Half--range Hermite and Pollaczek--Hermite Weights in Floating Point Arithmetic
Teresa Laudadio, Nicola Mastronardi, Donatella Occorsio, Paul Van Dooren


Near Equilateral Tetrahedra and the Convergence into Less Than 37 Similarity Classes
Miguel Angel Padron, Agustin Rafael Trujillo, Jose Pablo Suarez
Compact and Efficient Data Structure for the Study of LEB of Tetrahedra
Jose Pablo Suarez Rivero, Miguel Angel Padrón, Agustín Trujillo, María Pilar Abad

Linear and Nonlinear Models in Applied Mathematics

Pinned Flexible Polymer under Oscillatory Linear Flow
Antonio Lamura
Superconductivity vs. Nematicity: a Ginzburg-Landau approach
Juan Pablo Borgna, Mariano Fernando De Leo, Diego Fernando García Ovalle
Media with Inclusions with Imperfect Transmission and Interface Potential
Micol Amar, Daniele Andreucci, Claudia Timofte
About the Zeros of the Lommel Functions
Federico Zullo
Thermal Pulse Propagation beyond the Maxwell–Cattaneo Theory: a Nonlinear Generalization
Maria Di Domenico, Antonio Sellitto, Vittorio Zampoli
A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Evolving Melt Front under Gravity
Giovanni Ciccotti, Antonio Di Carlo, Mauro Ferrario, Daniela Mansutti
Probabilistic analysis and simulation of a class of compartmental models via random linear differential equation systems
Vicente José Bevia, Juan Carlos Cortés, Cristina Pérez, Rafael Jacinto Villanueva
Fractal Mixtures for heat draining
Maria Rosaria Lancia
Nonlinear Evolution Equations of Fifth Order: Some New and Old Results
Sandra Carillo
Effects of temperature-dependent parameters on the reflection of thermoelastic waves under Moore-Gibson-Thomson heat conduction
Manushi Gupta
On the Thermodynamics of Composition Graded Thermoelastic Solids
Vito Antonio Cimmelli

Recent Problems and Methods in Computational Finance

Equilibrium Problems with Heterogeneous Agents under Jump-diffusion Models
Jonatan Ráfales, Carlos Vázquez
A Deep Solver for BSDEs with Jumps
Alessandro Gnoatto, Marco Patacca, Athena Picarelli
Efficient Likelihood Estimation with Wavelets
Augusto Blanc-Blocquel, Luis Ortiz-Gracia, Rodolfo Oviedo
Efficient Numerical Valuation of European Options under the Two-asset Kou Jump-diffusion Model
Karel in 't Hout, Pieter Lamotte
Artificial Neural Networks with Chebyshev Polynomials
Beatriz Gomez Martin
XVA Modelling and Computing in a Multicurrency Setting
Inigo Arregui, Roberta Simonella, Carlos Vazquez
Impact of Correlation between Interest Rates and Mortality Rates on the Valuation of Various Life Insurance Products
Griselda Deelstra, Pierre Devolder, Benjamin Roelants du Vivier
A New Deep Solution Algorithm for Fully Coupled FBSDEs
Zhipeng Huang, Balint Negyesi, Cornelis W. Oosterlee
Approximate Option Pricing under Jump-diffusion Stochastic Volatility Models Based on a Hull and White Type Tormula
Josep Vives
Identifying the Number of Latent Factors of Stochastic Volatility Models
Erindi Allaj, Maria Elvira Mancino, Simona Sanfelici

Nonlinear waves

Numerical Methods for Solving Nonlinear Evolution Equations
Thiab R Taha
Stripe Pattern Formation in PNP Steric Model
Tzyy-Leng Horng
Stability of Fronts in the Diffusive Rosenzweig-MacArthur Model
Anna Ghazaryan, Stephane Lafortune, Yuri Latushkin, Vahagn Manukian
Lagrangian Dynamics of Nonlinear Waves in Shallow-water Systems, Including Rotation, Baroclinicity, and Mean Flows
Karima Khusnutdinova, Vladimir Zeitlin
A Global Characterization of Steady Periodic Waves over a Flat Seabed
Matteo Antuono
Integrable nonlinear wave equations and Painleve hierarchies
Andrew Pickering
Construction of Solitary Wave for Fractional KdV Equation with Inhomogeneous Symbol
Swati Yadav, Jun Xue

Adapted Time-integrators for Differential and Integral Problems with Applications

Application of Exponential Integrators for a Phase-Field Dendritic Crystal Growth Model
Rouhollah Tavakoli, Damien Tourret
A P-(EC)$^k$ Scheme for Nonlinear Peridynamics on Arbitrary Shaped 2D Manifolds
Alessandro Coclite
A class of Nystrom type methods for the numerical integration of second order differential equations
Manuel Calvo, Juan Ignacio Montijano, Luis Randez
An Efficient Gauss-Newton Method for Non-linear Inverse Problems via Generalized Krylov Subspaces
Alessandro Buccini, Patricia Diaz de Alba, Federica Pes, Lothar Reichel
Accurate Simulation of the NLS Equations via Multiple-Relaxation ImEx Methods
Abhijit Biswas, David I. Ketcheson
Exponential Integrators for Problems with d-Dimensional Kronecker Structure
Marco Caliari, Fabio Cassini
A Numerical Method for Time-fractional Sub-diffusion Problems
Hanna Britt Soots
Boundary corrections for splitting methods in the time integration of multidmensional parabolic problems
Severiano Gonzalez Pinto, Domingo Hernandez-Abreu, Soledad Perez-Rodriguez
Efficient Numerical Methods for High-dimensional It\^{o} Stochastic Differential Equations
Yoshio Komori, Kevin Burrage
Fighting Agroecosystems Pests with Operations Research Tools
Ezio Venturino
A New Method to Solve the 2D Schrodinger Equation
Marnix Van Daele, Toon Baeyens
A Magnus integrator for stochastic oscillators
Raffaele D'Ambrosio, Hugo de la Cruz Cancino, Carmela Scalone
The Class of Implicit-explicit Genera Linear Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations
Michał Braś
Numerical Issues Arising in the Equation for the Unsaturated Flow in Porous Media
Marco Berardi
Space-time Parallel Solvers for the Solution of Parabolic Problems
Laura Portero, Iñigo Jimenez, Andres Arraras, Francisco Gaspar
On the stability of IMEX-theta methods for parabolic PDEs with delay
Alejandro Rodríguez-Fernández, Jesus Martin-Vaquero
Numerical Conservation Issues for Stochastic PDEs
Raffaele D'Ambrosio, Stefano Di Giovacchino
Numerical and parallel issues for cellular behavior prediction
Pasquale De Luca, Ardelio Galletti, Livia Marcellino
Modified Singly-RKTASE methods for the solution of stiff problems
Juan I Montijano

Recent Trends on Numerics of Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations

A Weak Galerkin Method for a Third-order Singularly Perturbed Reaction-diffusion Problem
Suayip Toprakseven
Efficient Finite Element Method for 2D Parabolic Convection Diffusion Problems with Discontinuous Source Term
Soundararajan Rajendran, Subburayan Veerassamy
An Efficient Uniformly Convergent Method for Two Dimensional Parabolic Convection-diffusion Singularly Perturbed Systems
Carmelo Clavero, Juan Carlos Jorge
Parameter-robust Numerical Analysis of a Numerical Scheme for a Parabolic Reaction-diffusion Equation with Time Delay Having Interior and Boundary Layers in its Solution
S. Chandra Sekhara Rao, Abhay Kumar Chaturvedi
Richardson Extrapolation Technique for Singularly Perturbed Degenerate Parabolic PDEs with Two Parameters
Natesan Srinivasan, Mrityunjoy Barman, Anirban Majumdar
Low-degree Robust Finite Element Scheme for Inhomogeneous Fourth Order Perturbation Problem
Bin Dai, Huilan Zeng, Chen-song Zhang, Shuo Zhang
The Local Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Two Singularly Perturbed Convection-Diffusion Problems with Exponential and Characteristic Layers
Martin Stynes, Yao Cheng
Fractal Quintic Spline Solutions for Singularly Perturbed Boundary-value Problems
Balasubramani N, Guru Prem Prasad Mahalingam, Natesan Srinivasan
A Novel Fully-Implicit FMM for 2D Singularly Perturbed Semilinear Parabolic PDEs with Non-homogeneous Boundary Data
Kaushik Mukherjee, Narendra Singh Yadav
A direct discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for two parameter singular perturbation problems.
Gautam Singh

Single-scale and Multi-scale Modelling: Applications to Ecology, Cell Biology and Medicine

Phenotype Divergence and Cooperation in Isogenic Multicellular and in Cancer
Frank Ernesto Alvarez, Jean Clairambault
Modelling Plant-nematodes Interactions to Understand Plant Tolerance
Joseph Penlap, Suzanne Touzeau, Frédéric Grognard, Valentina Baldazzi
Numerical Challenges for the Understanding of Snake-and-ladder Bifurcations in Nonlocal Hyperbolic systems for Ecological Aggregations
Thanh Trung Le, Raluca Eftimie
A New Numerical Solution for an Age-Structured Population Model with Infinite Life Span
Luis María Abia, Oscar Angulo, Juan Carlos López-Marcos, Miguel Ángel López-Marcos
Modelling and Investigating Memory Immune Response in Acute SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection.
Mathilde Massard, Catherine Chirouze, Raluca Eftimie, Quentin Lepiller, Antoine Perasso, Bruno Saussereau
Age-structured Malaria Transmission Model
Quentin Richard
Blood Sample Based Early Cancer Detection Using Conformal Prediction
Stephane Chretien, Paul Minchella, Loic Verlingue
Evolution of Populations Structured by Dietary Diversity and Starvation: Cross-diffusion Systems
Elisabetta Brocchieri
Enhanced Forecasting of Biomass-toxicity-water Models Using Numerical Simulations
Mudassar Abbas, Francesco Giannino, Francesco Calabro
Stochastic Modeling of Biological Oscillations: the Circadian Rhythm Model
Alberto Maria Bersani, Alessandro Borri, Gabriella Mavelli, Pasquale Palumbo
Fractional Diffusive Fisher equation
Clemente Cesarano
Modeling metastatic tumor evolution, numerical resolution and growth prediction
Iulia Martina Bulai
Modelling inflammation in cancer and wound healing: single-scale and multi-scale approaches
Raluca Eftimie

Recent Advances in Lattice Boltzmann Methods

Lightweight Lattice Boltzmann
Marco Lauricella
Non-Cartesian Lattice Boltzmann Methods with Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Ralf Deiterding, Juan Antonio Reyes Barraza

Mathematics of Emerging and Re-emerging Human Infectious Diseases of Major Public Health Importance

Mathematical Analysis of the Impact of the Face Mask on COVID-19
Mahmoud H. DarAssi
A Metapopulation Model for the 2014-2016 West Africa Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak, Part I: Exit Screening and Quarantine Measures
Jean M-S Lubuma, Arsene Jaures Ouemba Tasse, Berge Tsanou, Jean Louis Woukeng
A Metapopulation Model for the 2014-2016 West Africa Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak, Part II: Optimal Control Strategies
Vuyiswa B Kubalasa, Jean M-S Lubuma, Arsene Jaures Ouemba Tasse, Berge Tsanou, Jean Louis Woukeng
SEIR Epidemic Mathematical Model in the Presence of Hoax
Asep Kuswandi Supriatna, Hennie Husniah, Yedi Purwanto, Ahmad S. Indrapriyatna
Age-structured Mathematical Models based on Nonlinear ODEs to Study the Optimality of Vaccination Strategies for COVID-19 Pandemic
Gilberto Gonzalez-Parra, Giulia Luebben, Bhumika Bhakta, Bishop Cervantes
Some Qualitatively Reliable Models for Epidemic Spread
Istvan Faragó
Positivity Preserving Numerical Methods Applied to Epidemic Models
Bálint Máté Takács, István Faragó, Gabriella Svantnerné Sebestyén

Biomedicine Meets Numerics: Advanced Numerical Methods for New Challenges

Mathematical Methods in Medicine
Cristina Campi, Isabella Cama, Valentina Candiani
Advanced Computer Vision Techniques for Drug Abuse Detection
Giulia Tufo, Meriam Zribi, Francesca Pitolli
A new TPS for FLASH VHEE beams: the implementation of quantum based algorithms
Angelica De Gregorio, Daniele Carlotti, Gaia Franciosini, Michela Marafini, Annalisa Muscato, Alessio Sarti, Angelo Schiavi, Marco Toppi, Giacomo Traini, Antonio Trigilio, Vincenzo Patera
An in-vivo comparison of Electrophysiological Source Imaging methods
Annalisa Pascarella

Delay Differential Equations and Applications

Stability and Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of an Unemployment Model with Distributed Time Delays
Eva Kaslik, Mihaela Neamtu, Loredana Vesa
Dynamics Analysis of a Socioecological System
Andreea Maria Ardeuan, Eva Kaslik, Mihaela Neamtu
A Mixed Oligopoly Model with Time Delays
Loredana Camelia Culda, Eva Kaslik, Mihaela Neamțu
Dynamics of a pituitary-adrenal model with distributed time delays
Eva Kaslik, Maria Roxana Matei, Mihaela Neamtu
Coupled Wilson-Cowan Systems with Distributed Delays
Eva Kaslik, Emanuel-Attila Kokovics, Anca Radulescu
A Time-Delayed System of Identical Theta Neurons
Lavinia Birdac, Eva Kaslik, Raluca Muresan

Publishing Ethics

Research Integrity & Publishing Ethics: A whistlestop tour of common ethical pitfalls by well-intentioned researchers
Darren Sugrue